WBES have been identifying and supplying all types of Belts for all industries for more than 30 years.


V Belts
V belts, or Vee belts are endless power transmission belts. They have a trapezoidal cross section, fitting into a V-shaped groove. V belts transmit higher torque at less width and tension than a flat belt.
Timing Belts
We have an extensive range of toothed timing belts, including double sided belts.
Polyurethane Timing Belts
Polyurethane Timing Belts are designed to be ultra-tough and resistant to abrasion, extreme temperatures and wear. The belts can accommodate a wide range of speeds, loads & applications.
Conveyor and process belts
The product range is made up of more than 200 different belt types, able to match the application needs for both light and medium duty conveyor belts for all industries.
Specialized Belts
We can also supply belts made from sample or specification.