matara product1Mindman Pneumatics and  Rodless Cylinders
Offering a range of  Rodless Cylinders and Mindman Pneumatics

Unguided Rodless Cylinders.


matara product2 PMI Linear Motion
Offering the PMI Linear Motion ranges as well as a range of TBI Motion Linear Ball Bearings and Accessories / Rodless Cylinders.



matara product3Mindman Pneumatic Cylinders
Offering a range of Mindman Pneumatics Clamp Cylinders, Compact, Round,
Standard, Table, Stopper, Miniature, Dual Road and Twin Guide Cylinders, as well
As Mindman Pneumatics Rotary Actuators.


matara product4PMI  Linear Actuators
A range of Mindman Pneumatics, PMI  products for Linear Actuators.


matara product5Mindman Pneumatic Valves
Offering a range of Mindman Pneumatics Mechanical and Pivot Vales, as well as
Mindman Pneumatics Solenoid Valves.


matara product6TBI Motion and Ballscrews
Offering a range of TBI Motion Ballnuts, Ballscrews and Ballscrew End Supports.


matara product7Mindman Pneumatics Air Preparation
Offering a range of Air / Mist and Micromist Filters together with F.R. Units,
Digital Condensation Removal Timers, Air Units (Drain Traps and Auto Drainers)
And Auto Drain Valves along with filters for Turbine Types. We also offer a broad
Range of Mindman Pneumatics products from Air Unit Filters, F.R. Units, F.R. L.
Units, L Units, Precision Regulators, R. Units, Airline Regulators and Soft Start-up Valves.